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Arthritis-Friendly Yoga DVD


Arthritis-Friendly Yoga DVD

Arthritis-Friendly Yoga, presented by the Arthritis Foundation, is a 60-minute DVD created especially for people who have arthritis or achy joints as a natural way to ease pain, increase strength and flexibility, and improve well-being.


DVD Includes:

• An introduction by yoga and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
• Sequence of 10 yoga poses
• Step-by-step demonstrations showing modifications to protect your joints
• Sun Salutation to keep your body energized and moving
• Relaxation and meditation to calm your mind and ease your pain


 First off let me say that this DVD is more than just for those with arthritis. It is gentle enough for varying health issues while still maintaining a strengthening, well rounded and balanced practice. This DVD is an excellent source for any level practitioner – beginner, intermediate or experienced – it has clearly been carefully & expertly thought out & executed. Steffany Moonaz is very concise, perceptive and empathetic in her teaching – transitioning all poses in a smooth, fluid and comfortable manner. Comprehensive, complete, thorough, addressing all the different situations one may face with arthritic joints or with other health challenges – with clear instruction on how to modify every pose – one of the best Yoga DVD’s I have ever purchased. What I have learned here I will be bringing to the mat and sharing with other’s in my teachings. Thank you Steffany Moonaz and Arthritis Foundation for such an extensive and far-reaching DVD.

~ Karen Armstrong, RYT

Price: $24.95
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