Our Mission

To assist people who are feeling disconnected from their bodies so that they can rediscover freedom of movement, and the inner power to live life on their terms.  To foster a new concept of the possibilities for people living with arthritis.  To free our students from pain, if only for a moment, so that they might experience pure joy and know that it is their true nature.

How we implement our mission

  • Training and Supporting Yoga Teachers - We provide teacher trainings across the country to increase the number of yoga teachers qualified to work with people of all abilities with arthritis. Read how our trainings fulfill our mission and see our training calendar HERE.  After your first YFA course, we continue to support you through the YFA communitymentorship and certification.

“Your work is so wonderful!   I have been using much of what we applied (and that was the absolute beauty and what made your course SO FAR ABOVE any other training course)!   We did not memorize tons of stuff we could easily look up.  We spent the time really applying the work and in the group settings so that everyone was comfortable and could not help but learn it!!!! And we could then bring it  home and apply it immediately!   THANK YOU !!!!!!” - Judy Blankenship, RYT

    • Our Website - We provide resources to people with arthritis and clinicians.  For even more resources such as classes, social forums and practice advice you can join our YFA community.  We provide a registry of YFA teachers around the country and a calendar of YFA classes and YFA related events.
    • Our Products - We provide DVD's, training materials and yoga props & gear in our store.

    “I just want to say thanks again for the dvd; it’s awesome! Your family is must so proud of you; what you are doing is changing lives for the better! I know my family is grateful that you have given me the gift of yoga; my practice is very much customized to my arthritis and I am glad you showed me how to do that. In addition to the physical component, the spirituality that has opened to me has been such a blessing.  

    Keep up the game changing for those of us who were living in pain and despair. I will always be grateful to you.” Jan Kohler

      • Our Partner organizations - Provide products and services that align with our mission and add value for our audiences.

      YFA at the Accessible Yoga Conference, Fall 2016

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