Access to the 2016 Accessible Yoga Conference

If you missed this conference but still want to see Dr. Moonaz and all the other wonderful presenters, you can purchase the full conference recordings from Yoga International.  Visit their website HERE for digital and USB content.

Sara Gorman Pillbags

Stylish, fabric pill organizers accessible to arthritic hands

Because you and your pills deserve a dose of style™

Read a review of these pillbags by YFA Program Director, Christa Fairbrother, on our blog HERE.

Purchase one from Sara HERE and as always, 5% of your purchase goes to lupus charities.

Yoga U

If you're a yoga teacher who'd like a taste of our trainings before registering, considering purchasing this 2 1/2 hour course from YogaU.  

It covers:

  • What arthritis is and which factors predispose us for this condition as we get older

  • Most common treatments for arthritis and why yoga makes sense as part of arthritis management

  • Overview of the research evidence supporting the benefits of yoga for arthritis

  • Essential things any yoga teacher must know when teaching yoga to someone suffering from arthritis

  • How to understand the different musculoskeletal needs and mechanics of arthritis sufferers

  • Modifications and props for commonly affected joints

  • How to set up the best teaching situation for people with arthritis and teach effectively to classes with mixed abilities

And includes a 1/2 hour yoga practice.
Medical Fitness Network
Increase your online exposure and credibility!  

Create a FULL PAGE profile on the fastest growing national registry of fitness and allied professionals which also shows on the Arthritis Foundation’s Fitness Professionals/Health & Wellness Coaches section of their Resource Finder.  Benefits exceed the cost of membership.  Over 100 national business and education providers offer you large discounts.  Access to FREE monthly educational webinars by the top leaders in the fitness & wellness industries to stay up to date. Opportunities to be featured on social media and newsletters of all these organizations.  Be listed as an Industry Expert in your field when you contribute articles to our blog.   Yoga for Arthritis members receive a 20% discount on your first year's professional membership.  For more info, visit their website.

Libre Tea

Drinking loose leaf tea is an opportunity to bring a mindful daily ritual into what might otherwise be a hectic routine. These daily rituals are helpful antidotes to the hectic swirl we might see around us. For arthritic hands, Libre tea is easier to open and use than some other loose leaf tea methods.  Go to the Libre tea website and use the code SteffanyLibre20% for a 20% discount off your order.

Full Lotus Yoga Therapy Business Training

Participating in Full Lotus will help you:

  • Learn the must-have mindset of successful yoga professionals
  • Create a business model that works for you
  • Define your target market and offerings
  • Get pro tips on everything from the right way to design a flyer, to how to connect with local medical practitioners, to effective use of social media
  • And much much more . . .

The program is now “evergreen,” which means that you can start at any time, have ongoing access to the materials, and can complete the training at your convenience. Payment plans are available. We believe that Full Lotus can help you build and maintain a thriving business and better reach the people who most need your services. If you’re ready to finally put yourself out there or serve in a bigger way, we hope you will consider the Full Lotus program this year. For more information, visit the website HERE.

Aqua Kriya Yoga

At Yoga for Arthritis, we support yoga for arthritis in all it’s modalities.  We’re excited to announce greate
r connections with Camella Nair and her Aqua Kriya Yoga teacher training.  Any YFA teacher that attends an Aqua Kriya Yoga training can mention their YFA teacher status and receive 2 CD recordings of Camella’s classes as a professional courtesy.  Any Aqua Kriya Yoga teacher who is interested and attends a YFA training, can receive a complimentary copy of our Arthritis Friendly Yoga DVD.  You can read more about aqua yoga for arthritis on the Aqua Kriya Yoga blog HERE.  Our YFA Program Director, Christa Fairbrother, is both a YFA Certified Instructor as well as an aqua yoga teacher through Camella’s training.  Feel free to email her directly at if you’re looking for more information about how the programs integrate.

Yoga for Arthritis Workshop through Yoga International

Free to Yoga International members and new subscribers.

In this workshop, Yoga for Arthritis founder and director Steffany Moonaz explains how yoga benefits people with arthritis and provides an educational, practice-based resource for yoga teachers and students who want to learn more about an adaptive yoga practice.

Steffany explains that “Arthritis is a whole-person disease. It’s a musculoskeletal condition that affects the joints, but also the whole person and aspects of life that go beyond the physical.”

Yoga is a whole-person practice. And when approached in a safe and supportive way, it can be an accessible, natural tool for easing the discomfort that arthritis causes.

In this workshop you will learn:

What it means to have arthritis and what people with arthritis experience.

How yoga can help alleviate pain during arthritis flares.

How yoga can help improve physical health, psychological health, and quality of life for people living with arthritis.

Signs yoga teachers can watch for in class as potential indicators of arthritis and how to respond to them.

Gentle asana sequences that can be practiced lying down, seated, and standing every day or when experiencing pain and stiffness.

How pranayama (breathwork) can provide relaxation for people with arthritis.

How props such as chairs, blankets, and bolsters can support the joints and help create feelings of ease during yoga practice.

How practicing yoga can help people with arthritis become more attuned with their bodies, allowing them to implement self-care even at the earliest sign of a flare.

Let this course be your opportunity to better understand arthritis, and to bring more ease into your life and the lives of others living with arthritis.

Available on the Yoga International website HERE.

If you're a fellow yoga business whose mission aligns with ours, consider a partner membership in YFA

This level of membership is open to fellow yoga businesses and institutions who would like to participate in our mission to expand the reach of Yoga for Arthritis.

Partner members receive an affiliate graphic button on our home page, a listing on our partner offerings page, an ad with graphics in two of our monthly newsletters,  a flyer added to our training materials and promotion in all our social media channels twice per year for $150 annually. If you have any questions about the specific reach or technical aspects of this program, please email for more information.  If you're ready to join, please type your contact information in below, hit subscribe and we'll be in touch to set up a mutually beneficial program.  Welcome!!!

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