Thursdays - Aqua Yoga

  • 23 Jan 2020
  • 11:00 AM (EST)
  • 7 May 2020
  • 11:45 PM (EDT)
  • St Pete Beach, Fl - St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center


Day: Thursdays

Time: 11AM - 11:45PM EST

Christa Fairbrother is a YFA Certified teacher, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated. She credits her life long yoga practice for her lack of pain and helps other people get more comfort in their joints and use the tools of yoga to manage their health. Aqua yoga is her focus because it is kind to people's joints and is so accessible. It is an easy way to start a yoga practice. It allows people who've lost a land practice to continue, and challenges people with an active land practice to explore their bodies in a new way. 

Aqua Yoga has all the benefits of land based yoga such as stress and pain reduction, better body awareness, and increased flexibility. Being in the water adds an increase in your range of motion, decompresses your spine, reduces the weight on your joints, and is accessible to everyone. All classes are 45 minutes long. 

Location: St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center, St. Pete Beach, FL

Contact Info: Christa Fairbrother -

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