Guidelines for Yoga Therapy Online

2 Mar 2021 8:51 AM | Natalie Cummings (Administrator)

1. In preparation, ensure high quality audio-visual equipment, including the ability to hear and see well from a distance and to be well heard and seen (camera, microphone, speaker). Ensure a clear, quiet space with no distractions and set the appropriate intention and energetic awareness before the session.

2. Ask the client to have a short list of household props available (folded towel, throw pillow, etc) and be sure you have the same props for demonstrating.

3. Conduct a thorough intake and ask follow-up questions regarding movement limitations that may be more difficult to see without observing the client enter the room and get settled.

4. Use more verbal instruction and cuing that doesn’t allow the client to watch the screen to observe.

5. If chanting, avoid complex synchronous chants. Use call and response, ask the client to listen to the chant, have them say the chant in their head or with you while muted.

6. Ensure the practices are viable in your client’s space and circumstances.

7. Lean into the non-physical practices (which is wise for any yoga therapy session!).

8. Record the session (with permission) and send it to your client with any notes and follow-up, images you used, resources you shared (including a copy of the chat function if applicable)

9. Print a copy of your notes, intake, and plan of care before the session so you don’t have to switch back and forth between the Zoom and other documents.

10. Have back-up for any possible technology issues:

  1. If zoom is down, have another platform available

  2. If connectivity problems, consider a hot spot

  3. For A/V issues, use backup equipment

  4. Make sure you have each other’s phone numbers if the call drops and you have to reschedule or conduct the session by phone.

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