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13 Nov 2016 1:26 PM | Anonymous

Amy Welden, YFA Certified Instructor, submitted this great idea for the holiday season. Since she was generous enough to share, if you use these resources, please give her credit.

Since the seasons of celebration are soon here, I thought I would share something I have done with my students that other yoga teachers might like to do for their classes. I gave these things to my students at my last Yoga for Arthritis class:

1. A Completion Certification with the Yoga for Arthritis Logo
2. On the back of the Certification, the 8 Limbs of Yoga and how they could apply to Yoga for Arthritis.
3. Yoga Gingerbread Cookies with Yogi Teas
4. Amy’s Life Lessons from a Yoga Cookie

I had the cookies on table with the certificates and clipped a couple Yogi teas (Calming/Bedtime) to each certificate. Everyone loved reading the 8 Limbs info and those Gingerbread Yoga People are just too cute. I made over 100 and you can see that is frosting on my black shirt!!  I just wanted you to see how adorable these cookies are.

Amy’s Life’s Lessons from a Yogi Gingerbread Cookie

Cookie Dough is like life…

  • When it gets too sticky, just “chill” for awhile and it gets easier to handle
  • If it is too difficult to handle – change the recipe and start over
  • Be mindful to honor time or you might get burned
  • Adding something sweet usually makes things more palatable
  • A smiling face will cover for many mistakes
  • Even when not perfect, you can still be appreciated and charming!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

Copyright 2016 Amy Welden, MAed, RYT-200, Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

(Some examples of applying to living with Arthritis & Chronic Pain)

  1. Yama – Five practices of restraints:

Ahimsa – applying non-violence to every part of your life. Not harming yourself or others. Being mindful to listen to your body and paying attention. Avoid negative self-talk.

Satya – Truth or living according to your own truth. Accepting what your body can or can’t do today.

Asteya – non-stealing.  Avoid taking someone else’s peace.

Brahmacharya – abstinence.  Accept what you are able to do and avoid comparing what someone else can do and you can’t in asana practice.

Aparigraha – Non-hoarding/non-possessiveness. Have boundaries that honor your self

  1. Niyama – five essential self-observances.

(Saucha, Santosha,Tapas, Swadhaya, Ishwara pranidhana)

  1. Asana – yoga “poses”. In Sanskrit, it means, “seat”.
  2. Pranayama – life force. Prana, in Sanskrit means breath/energy/vitality. Ayama = to stretch.
  3. Pratyhara – to withdraw from the senses, going inward to find calm.
  4. Dharana – concentration
  5. Dhyana – meditation
  6. Samadhi – Sama means, “equal”. Dhi=thinking. What can happen when all seven limbs are practiced with earnest, without break for a long time.

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Namaste!    Amy

You can order the gingerbread yogi cookie cutters from the Baked Ideas website.

This is the recipe that Amy uses.  With a little added chocolate cocoa as her secret ingredient.

Directions for decorating the cookies can be found on Youtube HERE.

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