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11 Sep 2016 3:48 PM | Anonymous

We had a very successful training course at Yogaville this year.  We have 7 new Certified Yoga for Arthritis teachers.  Here are some highlights that speak to the differences between the Level I Intensive and the Level II Certification course.

We all participated in a student led chair class.  This is considerably less nerve wracking and more cooperative than the group teaching experience from Level I, as we’ve all been teaching Yoga for Arthritis courses for some time now.

student chair sample.mp4

We each presented something on our work with Yoga for Arthritis.  These included some good safety considerations on working with clients who’ve had hip replacements, the benefits of guided imagery and how to manage classes that are so popular you triple your class minimums.

One of my favorite sections was our restorative class in chairs.  That’s been a struggle for me.  How to get clients as relaxed and comfortable as possible in a chair is a challenge.  If I can get people to the smile stage, I’ve done my job.

And of course, being an evidenced based program, one of the features is a review of the current research. Here’s a short clip of us discussing Cognitive and Emotional Control of Pain and its Disruption in Chronic Pain by Bushnell, Ceko and Low.

pain paper.mp3

The Level II Certification really prepares you to work with greater confidence, take on more one on one clients, and cooperate with other professionals and clinicians.  If you’re pondering taking your training to the next level, we have one training left in 2016, October 29-31 at the Integral Yoga Institute NY.

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