Yoga Toes and Yoga Hands: Product Review

16 Dec 2014 6:26 AM | Anonymous

This past weekend I had been making my way through a box chock-full of Yoga for Arthritis goodies - magazines, research articles, training materials and these interesting looking products called Yoga Toes and Yoga Hands. Ladies, if you have ever gotten a pedicure and used those foam toe separators - you will know exactly what the design idea behind Yoga Toes are.

Yoga Toes

The claims for Yoga Toes are that they help with alignment of the toe structure, stretching and strengthening of toe muscles. Ideally these would all be important benefits for people with toes

I have to say that my feelings about this product are mixed. I found that the toe separators were quite wide and therefore made it uncomfortable and difficult to even get this device on my foot. My feet joints are not affected by Arthritis, however I could imagine someone who has pain, inflammation and even some misalignment in their toes would find this product to be the cause of a fair amount of pain.

On the positive side,  I was able to eventually get used to the feeling - kept the toes on while planning a yoga class for about half an hour. After taking them off I noticed a nice stretch throughout my foot, feeling that I had greater flexibility and space in my joints than before using the Yoga Toes.  Yoga Toes are easy enough to use while sitting for a long time, in bed and can be used at different temperatures - put them in the fridge if cold helps your pain or bring them into a warm bath to encourage even more muscle relaxation.

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Yoga Handsyoga hands

I had a similar experience with the Yoga Hands. Now, I do have some pain and stiffness in my fingers so I was curious and especially sensitive to how this would feel. I have to say that the Hands were somewhat more comfortable than the Toes. The foam separators in the hands seemed to soften the intensity of the stretch in my fingers, while still giving me a similar feeling of stretch and some pain relief after having them on for about ten minutes.

While the Yoga Toes come in different sizes, the Yoga Hands only come in one size and these felt a bit too bulky and big on my hands. I could imagine this would be worth using on days of less pain or for people with less severe effects of Arthritis, however someone with more severe pain might find considerable amounts of
discomfort when using this product.

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If you have ever used or had experience with people who have used these products please let us know. Know of anything with similar benefits please send us your feedback!

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