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17 Nov 2014 11:10 AM | Anonymous

Arthritis affects one in five adults in the U.S and is the nation’s #1 leading cause of disability, resulting in deterioration of joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and/or other connective tissues - creating challenges for everyday sample

The number of people suffering from arthritis is projected to soar within the next 20 years. People with arthritis who exercise regularly have less pain, more energy, and improved sleep. However, ironically, because of the pain associated with movement, arthritis is also one of the most common reasons for limiting physical activity.

A regular yoga practice can increase muscle strength and endurance, and balance, and the emphasis on mindful movement can be particularly beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Are you looking for further research and information like this and even a SAMPLE CLASS demonstration? Look no further!

Dr. Moonaz has partnered with YogaU Online to offer a 2-part course providing an in-depth understanding of what predisposes people for arthritis, and the role yoga might play in prevention and management of this painful condition. In this course, Dr. Moonaz discusses the research evidence for the effects of yoga on arthritis and how yoga practice can be modified for commonly affected joints, or changes in disease severity.


To gain full access to this series - including two, one-hour sessions plus a yoga practice video, click HERE.


Click HERE for a preview session on the benefits and current research on Yoga for Arthritis.

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